Top Age-Group Triathlete Kevin Moats Suspended for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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The World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) has suspended 58-year old age-group triathlete Kevin Moats from WTC competition after he tested positive for the anabolic steroid testosterone. Moats appealed the results citing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as the reason for the steroid positive. His appeal was unsuccessful.

On October 18, 2012, an independent three-member panel with the American Arbitration Association ruled against Moats. The panel concluded that Moats violated World Triathlon Corporation Anti-Doping Rules (WTC Rules) and the therapeutic use exemption (TUE) requirements of USA Triathlon (USAT) and the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

Moats was diagnosed with hypogonadism in 2005 after a blood test revealed endogenous testosterone values between 75 and 100 ng/dl. His low testosterone levels were well below the normal physiologic range for his age. He had been under a doctor’s supervision for TRT ever since. At first he tried testosterone injections but decided that transdermal testosterone was a better delivery method for him.

Even though Moats may have had a legitimate therapeutic need for testosterone, he had failed to follow the rules for obtaining a TUE. Consequently, Moats received a one-year period of ineligibility beginning on the date of his positive steroid test i.e. January 30, 2012.

Moats argued that the WTC Rules did not require a TUE prior to being treated with TRT. According the WTC Rules at the time, a TUE could be obtained retroactively as long as the athlete had supporting medical documentation.

However, the WTC was also a signatory to the WADA Anti-Doping Code which has different requirements for obtaining a TUE.

“WTC has been a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code (the Code) since 2005 and has had World Anti-Doping Agency recognized Code compliant rules since 2009,” according to Kate Mittelstadt, Director of Anti-Doping for WTC.

While the arbitration panel affirmed WTC’s decision to suspend Moats, the panel also criticized the WTC for the ambiguity and lack of clarity in its rules.

Mittelstadt accepted the panel’s recommendations and indicated WTC’s willingness to make the necessary changes.

“We take note of the panel’s recommendations regarding clarity and consistency of our Rules and will work with all our stakeholders and WADA to make any necessary changes to further ensure the effectiveness of the WTC Anti-Doping Program in protecting the principles of clean sport for our athletes and events.”

The changes come to late to help Moats.

Moats becomes eligible for WTC competition again early next year. Hopefully, he will succeed in obtaining a TUE for testosterone when he returns.


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