Polish Boxer Mariusz Wach Tested Positive for Anabolic Steroids

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Polish boxer Mariusz Wach has tested positive for anabolic steroids according to the German newspaper tabloid Bild. The steroid positive resulted from a pre-fight anti-doping test administered before Wach’s bout with Ukrainian heavyweight boxing world champion Vladimir Klitschko on November 10, 2012.

Thomas Puetz, the president of the German boxing federation (BDB), confirmed that Wach’s A-sample came back positive. The results of the confirmatory B-sample testing have not been completed.

Mariusz Kolodziej, Wach’s promoter with Global Boxing, was critical of the BDB for failing to notify Wach or his management of the positive test prior to it being reported by the media.

“What’s happened is a complete lack of professionalism on the part of the Germans,” Kolodziej said.

Wach vehemently denied using anabolic steroids or any other prohibited performance-enhancing drug (PED).

“The only thing I can do is keep telling the truth. I’ve never willingly taken any anabolic steroids and I was devastated when I heard the accusations.”

He did not have an explanation for the steroid positive although he did leave open the possibility that it was the result of a contaminated supplement. He absolved himself from personal responsibility related to the inadvertent consumption of a banned substance. He trusted his trainers.

“All the supplements that I consumed were monitored and given to me by my trainers,” Wach said. “I am a boxer and my job is to focus solely on training and fighting, which is what I did. Any other matters were left up to my trainers. I’m not blaming or accusing anyone though I simply don’t know how I tested positive.”

In spite of the steroid positive, Wach was overmatched by Ukrainian Klitschko. Wach lost a unanimous decision. However, if the B-sample confirms the presence of steroids, Wach faces a one-year suspension from competition in addition to a substantial fine by the BDB.


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