Ongoing Steroid Investigation Into Albuquerque Police Officers

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The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) held a surprise news conference to announce the arrest of an officer on charges of theft and receiving stolen property valued between $500 and $2,500 . However, a local news station uncovered what may be an even bigger, far-reaching scandal involving anabolic steroid use in the department.

Daniel Burge, a seven-year veteran APD officer, was found in possession of a stolen television. But KRQE News 13 obtained information from a confidential source that Burge may be among several officers involved in an anabolic steroid ring. News 13 used the news conference to ask APD Police Chief Ray Schultz if he would confirm reports of a steroid investigation.

“We had received some information about some activity that was concerning to us last spring,” Schultz acknowledged publicly for the first time.

John D’Amato, the attorney for Burge, categorically denied that his client ever used anabolic steroids.

Schultz told News 13 that anabolic steroids were not found when officers recovered the stolen television from Burge’s home. But Schultz suggested that the steroid investigation is much bigger than Burge and potentially involves several APD officers.

“There are other officers who are being looked at and again I don’t know the names or the number of officers,” said Schultz. “But this is an investigation that has been going on for several months… If we can determine that steroids were used or possessed improperly or illegally by any member of the department obviously they would face additional discipline.”

The investigation never obtained sufficient evidence to require that officers submit to steroid testing. But Schultz did feel the information was serious enough to ask the Federal Bureau of Investigations to launch its own probe into the matter.

The United States Justice Department recently commenced an investigation into allegations of excessive force among APD officers. The feds want to know if there is a culture within APD that promotes violence. The Justice Department may be looking at any role anabolic steroids may play in such an environment.


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