Steroids for Sale on Busted SLCHealth-Fitness.com is Now StayMassive.com

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Steve Corbersmith received a suspended sentence and avoids prison after pleading guilty to selling anabolic steroids and generic sildenafil (Viagra) via an internet website at SLCHealth-Fitness.com.

The Clacton Gazette website claims that customers who purchased products from SLCHealth-Fitness.com are at risk of contracting HIV and/or Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD). This appears to be nothing more than hysteria and propaganda by the Gazette. There does not appear to be any evidence that Corbersmith sold “unscreened blood-borne” products. There is no mechanism by which anabolic steroids themselves can directly cause HIV or CJD. While there is a risk of contamination when injecting steroids using used needles, bodybuilders are not known to share needles unlike users of illicit addictive drugs such as heroin.

Interestingly, SLCHealth-Fitness.com appears to have changed its name according to a notice on StayMassive.com stating “SLCHealth-Fitness.com is now StayMassive.com”.

StayMassive.com is operational and simulated purchases show the availability of various steroids for sale. The website appears to have been created approximately three weeks before Corbersmith pleaded guilty. This raises several questions about StayMassive.com and its connection to the previously website owned by Corbersmith.


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