Broward Sheriff’s Deputies Still Using Steroids

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Broward County Sheriff’s deputies are apparently still using steroids. Hollywood (Florida) police detectives arrested David Agosto, a nine-year veteran deputy, after he was observed buying anabolic steroids from a steroid dealer in the Hollywood IHOP restaurant parking lot late one night.

Agosto was found in possession of 100 stanozolol pills, commonly known as Winstrol, and identified by police as the “customer”. Police also arrested the “dealer” identified as David Kadler.

Kadler had numerous vials of injectable testosterone solution and dozens of bottles of Winstrol containing over 20,000 orange pills in the trunk of his vehicle. Police also found a handgun and an AK-47 assault rifle in his car.

Eight Broward Sheriff’s deputies were investigated for steroids after their names turned up on the customer list of PowerMedica in 2005. PowerMedica was a company specializing in testosterone replacement therapy and anti-aging that compounded numerous steroids for their clientele.

The eight Broward Sheriff’s deputies were cleared of wrongdoing because they had prescriptions for anabolic steroids. Meanwhile, the owner of PowerMedica and the two doctors who prescribed steroids for the company were sentenced to 46 months, 51 months and 30 months, respectively.

BSO Sergeant Lisa McElhaney reported that at least 26 deputies most likley obtained anabolic steroids by fraudulent means from TRT clinics in 2009.

BSO deputies may have stopped going to doctors seeking prescriptions for steroids but now at least some of them are buying steroids from low-level dealers on the street.

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