Two-Day “Roid Rage” Blamed for Domestic Violence

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A Canadian man pleaded guilty this week to two counts of assault arising from an altercation with his fiancée . James Watters faces jail time after admitting to domestic violence that occurred in November 2010. Assistant Crown attorney Steve O’Brien blamed the incident on the defendant’s use of anabolic steroids. The trouble in paradise for the couple allegedly began shortly after Watters starting using steroids to help him build more muscle for bodybuilding.

Watters’ fiancée told police that Watters started becoming increasingly aggressive and verbally abusive after he began using anabolic steroids. Steroid use was blamed on a two-day incident of “roid rage”. The fiancee feared for her life when Watters grabbed her by the neck, threw her on the bed and threatened her with a knife. She also reported that Watters was suicidal having threatened to end his life via death by steroid injection.

Anabolic steroids are frequently blamed for acts of violence even though the available scientific evidence does not support a causal relationship between steroid and aggression in humans. The risk and prevalence of the steroid-induced aggression popularly called “roid rage” is wildly overstated.

It has become a popular past-time to blame violence on “roid rage” any time the possibility of steroid use exists. The government had argued that profanity-filled phone messages left by Barry Bonds proved that steroids caused “roid rage” during his perjury trial. The media blamed steroids when Rav Wilding, of Celebrity Big Brother fame, exhibited signs of “rage” when he screamed at his model girlfriend.

Some people even tried to blame “roid rage” for the murderous rampage by Anders Breivik in Norway. They seem to believe, as a South Carolina public official once said, that steroids automatically turn normal people into “Magilla Gorilla” and could cause them to go “coo-coo and kill somebody”.

Magilla Gorilla


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