British Politician Horrified As Steroid-Using Son Wants to Be a Pro Bodybuilder

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Caroline Spelman, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in England, recently spent £60,994 in legal and court costs in order to suppress news of her son’s use of anabolic steroids and subsequent suspension from the sport of rugby by the International Rugby Board. But her teenage son doesn’t want her protection.

Jonny Spelman wants the entire world to know that he now wants to become a professional bodybuilder. And not just any pro bodybuilder. He wants to become the next Mr. Olympia!

“My aim is to be the biggest guy there ever was … basically you know I wanna be the next Mr Olympia,” said the teenage Spelman.

Jonny Spelman bragged about using steroids on various bodybuilding forums while a student-athlete at the prestigious £31,000-a-year boarding school Tonbridge School. He discussed his use of Dianabol, Testosterone, Winstrol and Anavar and asked questions about stacking Parabolan with testosterone propionate as well as advice about post cycle therapy (PCT).

Spelman was banned by Bodybuilding.com forum administrators as a consequence of his open discussion of steroids in February 2011. The online admissions led to a search of his boarding school room and the discovery of “steroid paraphernalia”. This evidence led to a suspension by rugby’s international governing body. He became the youngest British athlete ever to be banned for a doping violation.

Jonny Spelman recognized that his millionaire parents may not wish to support his chosen bodybuilding lifestyle as a fall back to his rugby career.

“Obviously this does come at a price, I’m afraid, as I’ve chosen bodybuilding as my life and my parents have sort of decided that they’re not happy with that,” said Spelman. “They’ve told me eventually I’m gonna have to move out and they’ve stopped supporting me financially.”

However, Spelman has a plan to solicit donations from YouTube viewers of his videos. He offered to provide posing and workout videos in exchange for financial assistance in his goal to “be the next Mr. Olympia.”

‘So the YouTube viewers have become very important to me as a way of basically… keeping me fed and continuing to grow.’


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