New Zealand Bodybuilder Caught Importing Steroids While Already Facing Steroid Charges

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Competitive bodybuilder Phil Musson was caught trying to import anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) into New Zealand last month. The steroid bust would have been bad enough on its own. However, the bodybuilder was already facing 291 counts of possession and distribution of performance- and image-enhancing drugs (PEIDs) from earlier in the year.

Personal trainer Phil Musson has been a competitive bodybuilder for several years in the National Amateur Body-Builders Association (NABBA) in New Zealand. He won the Mr. New Zealand title at the 2005 NABBA National Bodybuilding Championships and has competed as recently as 2009.

Anabolic steroids are generally considered a requirement for success at any national-level bodybuilding competition. Possession for personal use is one thing. But law enforcement tends to crack down more harshly on those suspected of distribution.

Musson was arrested this week on seven new charges related to the importation of anabolic steroids in October 2012. The New Zealand Customs Service intercepted two packages intended for Musson. The packages contained Phoenix Biotech brand tablets and vials. Crown prosecutor Anselm Williams alleged that Musson was repackaging and distributing his own brand of anabolic steroids.

Judge Gary Macaskill denied bail for Musson given that he was already facing earlier charges related to steroids. Musson’s “blatant behavior” didn’t allow Macaskill to have any sympathy for Musson’s current plight.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health indicted Musson on the original 291 charges back in May 2012. Musson is scheduled to appear in Christchurch District Court on Thursday to face the original charges. He has been remanded into custody until then.

The lesson to be learned is not to become a steroid dealer. But even more obvious: don’t continue to violate the law after you’ve been caught and about to go to court. It will be impossible for a person to convince any judge that they are truly remorseful and have learned their lesson.


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