IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Greg Doucette Busted With Large Quantity of Anabolic Steroids

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It was the best of times and the worst of times for Greg Doucette. The bodybuilder had recently been awarded a Pro Card by the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB). Doucette won the light heavyweight division at the 2012 Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships on August 18, 2012. Becoming an IFBB pro bodybuilder is a dream come true for any competitive bodybuilder. But the dream was interrupted only a few weeks later when Doucette was busted with an alleged $250,000 worth of anabolic steroids.

Doucette was arrested on August 24, 2012. He was charged with violating the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act by “possessing, smuggling, importing, trafficking and distributing anabolic steroids”.

On October 5, 2012, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Criminal Investigations Division announced that they had seized approximately $250,000 worth of steroids and steroid paraphernalia during a search of Doucette’s home, car and a storage locker.

However, the $250,000 figure appears to be wildly inflated. For example, Albert Price, an investigator with the CBSA Halifax, claimed that a 100-gram pouch of steroids is valued at $5,000. In reality, it can be purchased from China, at going market rates, for less than two hundred dollars. And the price is far less if purchased in bulk quantities.

“When it would be opened, it would have an article inside, just a typical innocuous object, but investigators noticed anomalies in this size of the box and inside there are two, 100 gram pouches of steroids valued at $5,000 each,” according to Price.

Investigators were tipped off to the scope of Doucette’s alleged steroid dealing after numerous inbound steroid shipments destined for the same Halifax region were intercepted by customs officers at the CBSA Vancouver International Mail facility beginning in 2010. The seized packages arrived from China, Thailand and the Philippines.

Andrew LeFrank, the CBSA regional director general for the Canadian Atlantic region, congratulated his team for the investigation that led to the removal of the demonized drugs known as anabolic steroids from the hands of other bodybuilders looking to improve their physiques.

“Thanks to the excellent work of border services officers and our investigators, thousands of single doses of this kind of illegal and very dangerous drug will not be distributed across the country,” said LeFrank.

Doucette had claimed to be a steroid-free, natural bodybuilder and powerlifter up until 2010. Doucette tested positive for the anabolic steroids boldenone and testosterone at the Eastern Canadian Powerlifting Championships on November 28, 2009.

Doucette blamed the steroid positives on his use of Applied Delivery Systems Pronabolin and Gaspari Nutrition’s Novedex

He was nonetheless banned from powerlifting competition by the Canadian Powerlifting Union.

Doucette devoted all his energies into the sport of bodybuilding and his pursuit of an IFBB pro card. It appears he abandoned his “natural” bodybuilding philosophy and sort of went the oppositie direction.

Doucette is scheduled to appear in court on October 10, 2012.


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