AXS Fitness Busted for Steroid Sales According to Spanish Authorities

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Spain’s Guardia Civil has arrested four men involved in the illegal distribution of anabolic steroids during an investigation codenamed “Operación Gym”. The steroid dealing allegedly operated out of a sports nutrition supplement store in the Madrid suburb of Las Rozas. The owner and an employee of ‘AXS Fitness Nutricion Deportiva’ were arrested at the store and two other individuals were arrested at their homes on June 5, 2012. 

ThinkSpain.com, an English-language Spanish news website, described the targets of the investigation as “four famous bodybuilders.” Yet the individuals may not be exactly household names in the world of bodybuilding outside of Spain. A press release by the Guardia Civil de Las Rozas identifies the culprits only by their initials – A.H.C., P.H.I, J.L.D y J.H.N.

“Operación Gym” began in April 2012 when police officers found a man in possession of a plastic bag containing 75 dosages of anabolic steroids outside a gym in Las Rozas (Madrid). The investigation ultimately led to AXS Fitness.

The owner of AXSFitness.com was allegedly the head of the operation and was in charge of sales and distribution. Two other bodybuilders were responsible for enlisting new customers and providing them with steroids. The fourth bodybuilder was a personal trainer at the gym in Las Rosas where he provided steroids to his clients.

A search of the supplement store and three private residences located in Las Rozas, Seseña and Madrid uncovered a total of 2,333 dosages of various oral and injectable steroids and other bodybuilding drugs, numerous syringes, literature promoting the illicit substances and 4,365 euros in cash.

The bodybuilders are facing charges involving crimes against public health and participation and cooperation in a criminal group of three or more individuals.


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