L.A. Fitness Employee Busted for Brokering Steroid Deal

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Steroid dealers aren’t the only ones who get busted. Individuals who just want to help out fellow bodybuilders by hooking them up with steroid sources can also get in serious legal trouble. An employee at the L.A Fitness gym in Deerfield Beach found out the hard way.

Bari Gold decided to help a Florida bodybuilder score some steroids. Gold didn’t sell steroids. But she knew someone who did. So, she helped “broker” a deal between the bodybuilder and the steroid dealer. She even negotiated a pretty good price for the bodybuilder. She promised to deliver 90 vials of steroids for the price of $3,150. Unfortunately for Gold, the bodybuilder happened to be an undercover cop.

Gold met the undercover cop down the street from L.A. Fitness Deerfield Beach. Then she called Craig Neal; Neal arrived with a box full of vials containing injectable anabolic steroids. At no time did Gold ever have possession of the steroids.

Neal arrived with the steroids and placed the box on the trunk of his car. He then noticed they were under surveillance by police. He tried to walk away from the scene of the transaction and advised Gold to do the same. However, it was too late.

“It’s all mine, it’s all mine’,” Neal reportedly told officers in an effort to protect Gold. But his attempt to claim responsibility failed.

Gold and Neal were both arrested and charged with 90 and 174 counts of possession of anabolic steroids with intent to sell, respectively. Neal had a total of 174 vials of injectable steroids in his possession and was assessed one count for each vial. Since Gold “brokered” a deal for 90 vials, she faces 90 counts of steroid distribution.

Broward County Judge John “Jay” Hurley ordered Gold to be held on a $15,000 bond. Neal was held on a $174,000 bond due to a previous drug conviction.

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