Supplement Stores and Pharmacies Illegally Selling Steroids Raided in India

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Law enforcement officers from the Indian state of Kerala conducted surprise raids of several pharmacies and sports supplement stores suspecting of selling anabolic steroids to the local bodybuilding community. While the sale of anabolic steroids without a prescription is technically illegal, few controls exist to prevent the widespread diversion of steroid pharmaceutical products in India.

The widespread available of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in Indian supplement stores gained international attention when numerous Olympic athletes on the Indian National Team tested positive for steroids in the summer of 2011. The resulting steroid scandal was India’s version of the American BALCO steroid scandal.

As a result of the steroid scandal, police have regularly raided and shut down supplement stores and pharmacies guilty of illegally selling Schedule H drugs in violation of India’s Drugs and Cosmetics Act (D&C).

The most recent raids occurred in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Intelligence branch drug inspectors from the Kerala State Drugs control Department and drug inspectors from the Assistant Development Commissioners Office conducted simultaneous raids at three different locations. These included two supplement stores and one pharmacy.

The Palora Pharmacy in Valancherry was found to be illegally selling steroids including injectable nandrolone phenylpropionate under the trade names “Decabid 25” and “Nandone 25”. Nandrolone phenylpropionate is a short-acting form of nandrolone. The most popular version of nandrolone is nandrolone decanoate which is popularly known as Deca Durabolin or simply “Deca”.

The Health World supplement store in Kottakkal was illegally selling Equigan (boldenone undecylenate aka Equipoise), Andriol Testocaps (testosterone undecanoate) and Methandiennone tablets (methandrostenolone aka Dianabol).

The AM Nutrition store in Valanchery escaped prosecution. Drug control officers could not find any steroids on premises and concluded that the supplement store only sold “fortified dietary supplements”.

All steroid products were seized by law enforcement officials. The establishments that illegally sold steroids could lose their business licenses.



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