Woman Gives Partner’s Steroids to Police During Domestic Dispute Investigation

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A Texas man may be facing anabolic steroid possession and/or distribution charges after his partner turned over several vials of injectable steroids to law enforcement officers during a domestic disturbance investigation.

The Palestine Police Department was alerted to a possible domestic disturbance earlier this week. Officers responding to the disturbance determined that a woman may have been the victim of a simple assault. However, the investigation quickly turned to a drug investigation after the woman informed them of steroids being kept on the premises according to Sergeant James Muniz.

“Officers learned that there was a simple assault committed and the victim was given the proper information on filing a complaint with the Palestine Municipal Court,” Muniz said. “During the investigation officers were advised that there was a large amount of anabolic steroids at the residence.”

Several vials of what appeared to be anabolic steroids were handed over to officers at the scene. The police subsequently obtained a search warrant for the residence based on this evidence.

A search of the house turned up approximately twenty vials of injectable steroids, tablets of orally-active steroids and dozens of syringes. The suspected steroids were submitted to the Texas Department of Public Safety crime lab for chemical analysis.

No one was arrested during the initial domestic disturbance investigation. But Sgt. Muniz has not ruled out the possibility of a future arrest pending the confirmation by the crime lab. Muniz announced the case will likely be referred to the Anderson Country District Attorney’s Office for grand jury consideration.

So far, the Palestine Herald-Press or the Palestine Police have not attempted to make any connection between the perpetrator’s possession of steroids and the assault against the victim. While the link between steroids and the so-called “roid rage” may be tenuous, steroid users who engage in violent or abusive behavior make all steroid users look bad.

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