Attention Steroid Dealers: If a Customer Wants to Buy Steroids in a Donut Shop, Of Course It’s a Cop!

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What happens when a sports nutrition store employee doesn’t think the store has supplements strong enough for certain customers? Now that most of the steroidal substances sold as dietary supplements are becoming more aggressively regulated, what is the supplement store employee to do? In the case of George Touma, the clerk thought he would offer them something a little stronger and a lot less legal than the dietary supplements sold by his employer.

Tuoma worked as a store clerk for the General Nutrition Centers (GNC) store at the Walpole Mall in East Walpole, Massachusetts. An anonymous tipster told police that the supplement store clerk was selling anabolic steroids on the side. This led to a month-long investigation by the Walpole Police Department that culminated in the arrest of Touma on two steroid charges.

George Touma was arrested on October 24, 2012. He was charged with the alleged possession of a Class E substance (anabolic steroids) with intent to distribute and possession of a Class E substance (anabolic steroids).

Walpole Deputy Police Chief John Carmichael told the Walpole Times how the steroid bust went down.

After the GNC clerk was identified, an undercover police officer started visiting the GNC store and established a friendly rapport with Touma. The officer agreed to purchase two vials of steroids from Touma for $150 each.

The undercover officer and Touma agreed to meet at the Dunkin Donuts location at 491 Walpole Street in Norwood. The officer paid Touma and took possession of the steroids. Touma was arrested at Dunkin Donuts immediately following the steroid transaction.

Clearly, selling illegal anabolic steroids is a bad idea. But the real lesson to be learned by steroid dealers everywhere is: If a potential customer wants to meet you at a donut shop to buy steroids, you will be a fool not to smell “cop” written all over it!


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