Man Tells Cop About Heroin But Keeps Quiet About Steroids in Car

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Two men were arrested after a traffic stop ended in the discovery of oral and injectable anabolic steroids hidden in the car. The steroids were discovered after one of the men admitted having heroin in his possession. After disclosing the presence of heroin, the men curiously maintained their silence with regards to the steroids in their possession.

David McGowan and Nicholas Serafini were arrested and charged with possession and manufacturing with the intent to distribute anabolic steroids. The pair were pulled over after officers with the West Hartford Police Department noticed they were driving an “unregistered” car.

Stephen Estes, a lieutenant with the West Hartford PD, told Bob Wilson of WTNH News 8 that the pair were acting furtively from the moment officers approached the vehicle.

“Both guys are very nervous, and they are exhibiting all kinds of signs that don’t quite add up for driving around in a car that is unregistered,” said Lt. Stephen Estes. “One admits that maybe there are some drugs in the car, but maybe not because they might not be his. So we go back and forth and then the other guy admits, yeah, I have some heroin.”

The police officers found heroin in the vehicle. Then they requested a K9 unit to thoroughly inspect the suspect’s vehicle for additional drugs. According to Lt. Estes, the K9 dog went crazy when it found the steroids. However, it is doubtful that K9 dogs are trained to sniff out anabolic steroids.

Police discovered hundreds of steroid tablets and five vials of injectable steroids. The “manufacturing” charge suggests that the pair may have produced their own steroids. But while the quantity may seem like a lot for the West Hartford PD, several hundred tablets and five vials could be consistent with personal use.

However, bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids to gain muscle size and strength generally eschew hard recreational drugs such as heroin that would compromise progress in the gym.

Furthermore, Lt. Este revealed that incriminating information was discovered on the suspects’ mobile phone(s) that may link them (and possibly others) to steroid distribution.

“[W]e have their cell phones and there was some interesting stuff on their cell phones, so this investigation is still ongoing,” said Lt. Estes.


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