Steroid Side Effects


Marlon Byrd Suspended for Taking Tamoxifen

Major League Baseball player Marlon Byrd has been suspended for fifty games after violating the MLB Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. Byrd tested positive for tamoxifen. Byrd subsequently admitting using tamoxifen and reported obtaining it from a “lifestyle coach” in Florida. [Read more…]


Steroid Intoxication Blamed for Death of Bodybuilder

A 26-year old Bulgarian bodybuilder, who worked out regularly and happened to use anabolic steroids, died shortly after he was admitted to the Naval hospital in Varna. The man reported feeling sick and experiencing difficulty in breathing. The bodybuilder allegedly stacked oral and injectable steroids in a quest to build muscle. He was found to have an enlarged heart and blood clots in his lungs and legs. However, Bulgarian doctors have blamed his death on “steroid intoxication.” [Read more…]


Pathologist Blames Anabolic Steroids for Acute Heart Failure

A British medical examiner has concluded that the death of a 19-year man was attributable to the use of anabolic steroids purchased on the internet. Pathologist Dr Georgina Howarth blamed steroids for causing the acute heart failure that resulted in the teenager’s death. [Read more…]


Steroid Users Outnumbering Heroin Users at Some Harm Reduction Clinics

The number of anabolic steroid users utilizing the needle exchange services at harm reduction clinics in the United Kingdom has steadily increased in recent years.  This has forced clinic employees to learn more about anabolic steroids and other performance- and image-enhancing drugs (PIEDs). The percent of steroid users seen as clients has become so significant that some clinics cater exclusively to bodybuilders. Other clinics are gradually shifting their resources and services to better help the steroid user. [Read more…]


Defense Attorney Wants to Blame Kandahar Massacre on Steroids

The defense attorney representing the soldier responsible for murdering 17 civilians, including nine children, in Afghanistan has been reportedly investigating the use of anabolic steroids as a possible legal defense for his client’s actions. Robert Bales, an infantryman with United States Army, has been charged with seventeen counts of murder, six counts of attempted murder and six counts of assault for the killings in the villages of Balandi and Alkozai in Afghanistan on March 11, 2012. The incident has become known as the “Kandahar Massacre”. [Read more…]


Teenage Female Prostitutes Using “Steroids” to Bulk Up

Teenage female prostitutes in Bangladesh are using “steroids” to bulk up and gain weight according to a report by Reuters. The alarmist headline about a “dark steroid secret” suggests that there is an epidemic of sex workers who are “abusing steroids” as appearance-enhancing drugs. Of course, anabolic steroids are the drugs that come to mind in the context of steroid abuse and bulking up. It isn’t until the seventh paragraph that readers learn that the steroids are not anabolic steroids but corticosteroids.
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Wisconsin Professor Tries to Dispel Lyle Alzado Steroids Myth

University of Wisconsin professor Norm Fost has gained something of a reputation as an iconoclast when it comes to the issue of anabolic steroids in sports. While many so-called experts talk about the alleged serious and deadly side effects of steroids, Dr. Fost provides a strong counterpoint by suggesting the overstated steroid side effects are not supported by the scientific literature. [Read more…]


Steroids, Not PCP, Blamed for Gold’s Gym Rampage

The Albany Times-Union reported that anabolic steroids were found in the system of a bodybuilder who went a bizarre and violent rampage at the Gold’s Gym in Latham in October 2011. The bodybuilder went into cardiac arrest and subsequently died after police tasered him repeatedly in an attempt to subdue the 240-pound man. The post-mortem toxicology revealed the presence of anabolic steroids in Brothers’ system. But the Times-Union conveniently forgot to mention that PCP, known colloquially as “angel dust”,  was also present at the time of death. [Read more…]


Jealous Husband Secretly Spikes Wife’s Food with Dianabol and Anadrol

Dalwara Singh, a food factory production manager, received a 12-month suspended jail sentence for secretly adding anabolic steroids to the food he prepared for his wife of 17 years. Singh used a mortar and pestle to crush tablets of Anapolon (oxymetholone) and Dianabol (methandrosteneolone) into a fine powder that he added to her food and drink. He pleaded guilty to administering “a poison or noxious substance with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy.” [Read more…]


Two-Day “Roid Rage” Blamed for Domestic Violence

A Canadian man pleaded guilty this week to two counts of assault arising from an altercation with his fiancée . James Watters faces jail time after admitting to domestic violence that occurred in November 2010. Assistant Crown attorney Steve O’Brien blamed the incident on the defendant’s use of anabolic steroids. The trouble in paradise for the couple allegedly began shortly after Watters starting using steroids to help him build more muscle for bodybuilding. [Read more…]