Steroid Side Effects


Barbarella is on Steroids!

Jane Fonda, the two-time Academy Award winning actress, admitted using the anabolic steroid testosterone in a recent interview with The Sunday Telegraph. The 73-year old actress started using testosterone to enhance her libido beginning at the age of 70. The 1960s sex symbol, who starred in Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy, raved about the benefits of testosterone for women seeking to improve their sex lives. [Read more…]


Dermatologists on the Look Out for Steroid Users

The use of anabolic steroids can lead to an increase in acne, particularly on the back, in some users. The fact that this particular steroid side effect manifests itself in the skin has led one dermatologist to recommend the investigation of athletic patients who present with clinical signs of acne, rosacea, seborrhea, alopecia or hirsutism.

Michael Scott M.D., an associate professor of dermatology at the Western University of Health Sciences, believes detecting anabolic steroid use in patients gives clinicians an opportunity to teach them about the dangers of steroids and teach them about the relationship between steroids and acne. [Read more…]


Norwegian Mass Murderer Gives Steroid Advice

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik mentioned the term “anabolic steroids” 29 times in his 1,500 page manifesto entitled “2083: A European Declaration of Independence”. He also discussed several specific anabolic steroids including the steroid cycle he was on when he massacred 76 victims in Norway. [Read more…]


South Carolina Official: Steroids Turn People Into Murderous Magilla Gorilla Gone Coo-Coo

Oconee County (South Carolina) may soon be the latest jurisdiction to test its employees for anabolic steroids. County Administrator Scott Moulder announced that the Oconee County Council is investigating the possibility of adding anabolic steroids to the list of narcotic drugs for which county employees are currently screened.

The chairman of the public safety committee urged the county to adopt steroid testing in response to the increasing problem of steroid use by cops across the country. Chairman Wayne McCall argued that anabolic steroids turn normal people into “Magilla Gorilla” and could cause them to go “coo-coo and kill somebody”. [Read more…]


OriTex Oral Testosterone from Clarus Therapeutics

Clarus Therapeutics, a seven-year old company that is bleeding cash with practically no product revenue, is trying their luck at a new oral testosterone medication. The company is pinning its hopes on OriTex. OriTex is a new oral testosterone replacement treatment. Most individuals requiring testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) would prefer the ease and convenience of a pill over the messy testosterone gels or irritating testosterone patches or fear-provoking testosterone injections. Oral testosterone products have historically been beset with several problems. Methyltestosterone, one of the first attempts at an orally-active testosterone product, was beset with liver toxicity problems with long-term use. Even recent attempts, such as Andriol, have produced less-than-stellar therapeutic results for a high percentage of patients. [Read more…]


“We Are All Potential Victims of Roid Rage”

“We are all potential victims of roid rage” according to recent editorials published by New Scientist. The editorials are published in support of anabolic steroid harm reduction which advocates policies, including medical treatments, that reduce or prevent the harmful side effects associated with the non-medical use of anabolic steroids. Steroid harm reduction is often opposed by those who have a moral objection to steroid use.

New Scientist’s support of harm reduction is admirable. Unfortunately, rather than advocate harm reduction on its own merits, the op-eds seem intent on using hysteria to support the need for harm reduction. By suggesting that  everyone is a “potential victim” of “roid rage”, the authors overstate the risk and prevalence of the steroid-induced aggression popularly called “roid rage”. [Read more…]


Barry Bonds Former Girlfriend May Have Lied Under Oath About His Testicular Size

Barry Bonds former girlfriend provide lurid testimony about the size and shape of Barry Bonds testicles in federal court this week as one of the government’s star witnesses. Kimberly Bell testified that Bond’s testicles shrunk at one point during their nine-year relationship.

Testicular atrophy is a well-known side effect of anabolic steroids. However, observation of changes in testicular size by a third-party may be less-than-accurate.

Cristina Arguedas, one of Barry Bonds’ attorneys, pointed out to Judge Susan Illston that Bell provided contradictory testimony this week concerning Barry Bonds’ ball size. Bell apparently told the grand jury investigating the BALCO steroid scandal that Bonds testicles shrunk “by half”. Bell acknowledged during the current Bonds perjury trial that, while his testicles became smaller, they did not shrink as much as she claimed during her grand jury testimony. [Read more…]


Barry Bonds Enlarged Head Size and Expert Testimony

Federal prosecutors called Larry Bowers as their expert witness to testify on the side effects of anabolic steroids and human growth hormone during the first week of the Barry Bonds perjury trial. Barry Bonds is on trial for lying under oath about knowingly using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) such as anabolic steroids and human growth hormone.

Larry Bowers is the Chief Science Officer of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA); he is an expert in analytical chemistry and drug testing. Although Bowers is not a medical doctor and has never seen a patient nor treated a single patient with steroid-related side effects, he was chosen as the prosecution’s authority on medical side effects related to PEDs. [Read more…]


Nike and Government to Create New Shoe That Detects Steroid Use

The United States government has called upon the shoe experts at Nike to prove to a jury that baseball superstar Barry Bonds used anabolic steroids. Has Nike created a new anti-doping shoe that detects steroid use when a doped athlete wears them? Well, not exactly. The federal government has subpoenaed a Nike employee to talk about Bonds’ feet. The employee has inside knowledge about the shoes that Bonds wore and is expected to testify that Bonds went from a smaller to a larger shoe size.

Why are Barry Bonds’ feet relevant? Is the government trying to win over a jury by hoping they have certain fetishes? Foot size? Testicle size? Head size? What else? Why not speculate about Bonds’ nipples too? Certainly, they could throw in that body part justifying it with the link between steroids and gynecomastia! Seriously, this type of testimony is about the best the government has to offer in the Barry Bonds steroids-perjury trial. [Read more…]


Father Defends Deceased Son Against Steroid Use Accusations

The father of an volunteer strength coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes felt compelled to defend his son against accusations of anabolic steroid use as the cause of death. Jake Nickle, referred to as Coach Jake by several players, lost consciousness during a pickup game of basketball and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Nickle was a volunteer staffer for the Ohio State football strength and conditioning staff.

Lawrence Nickles read reports that his son’s death was steroid-related and felt it necessary to refute such unsubstantiated allegations in order to protect the memory of his son. [Read more…]