Steroid-Using Cops Lack Credibility Says Defense Attorney

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Defense Attorney Colette Gulley has questioned the credibility of four Scottsboro police officers who were suspended for using anabolic steroids. Gulley believes the illegal use of steroids by police officers makes their testimony less credible particularly in drug cases.

Scottsboro police officers Chris McIllwain, Shane Clark, Gerald Mount and Jeremy Ake were suspended without pay last month for their use of testosterone. Testosterone is a Schedule III Controlled Substance (Anabolic Steroid) under federal law.

The steroid scandal at the Scottsboro Police Department was exposed when officer Chris McIllwain was accused of using steroids by his estranged wife in a domestic violence report filed with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Internal affairs asked McIllwain about the incident during which he reminded his interrogators that he previously admitted using testosterone enanthate and trenbolone acetate in a department pre-employment questionnaire dated April 2007. He also acknowledged the recent use of steroids. The investigation led to the suspension of three other officers identified by McIllwain.

“I was also questioned about the use of steriods (sic) in the department. I advised Captain Godfrey, Captain Capps and Chief Dawe that I had used steriods (sic) in the past and that I had taken a shot on Sunday Nov 6th,” McIllwain stated in an internal affairs document. “I was asked who else I had heard had taken steriods (sic) in this department and I advised that I have heard that Gerald Mount, Shane Clarke, Jeremy Ake had been taking steriods (sic).”

Gulley thinks McIllwain’s admitted involvement in illegal drug-related activity (steroid use) could now be used to appeal convictions in which McIllwain (and possibly any of the other suspended officers) provided testimony for the prosecution.



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