Bridgeton Police Officer Arrested with Dangerous Steroid Anavar

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A Bridgeton police officer was arrested after authorities learned that he was involved with a dangerous controlled substance. The Bridgeton Police Department (BPD) and Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office arrested Robert Smith on the very same day they obtained information pertaining to Smith’s involvement with dangerous drugs.

What was the dangerous drug in question? It wasn’t cocaine, methamphetamine or heroin. It was 60 tablets of oxandrolone. Oxandrolone is most commonly known by its original brand name Anavar. It is considered one of the safest and mildest anabolic steroids every produced. There are much more powerful and dangerous steroidal products that are currently sold as dietary supplements in health food stores around the country.

Upon learning that Smith was in possession of Anavar, the BPD dropped everything and conducted “an expedient, but thorough” investigation, presented the evidence before the Prosecutor’s Office and arrested, charged and incarcerated Smith. From start to finish, the entire process only took a matter of hours.  Steroids are clearly a priority in Cumberland County.

Prosecutors in Cumberland County have taken Smith’s involvement with Anavar very seriously. They have charged him with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (anabolic steroid oxandrolone), possession with intent to distribute and distribution within a school zone.

The four-year patrol officer was incarcerated in the Salem County Correctional Facility and held on a $75,000 cash bail. Police Chief Mark Ott told the press that Smith was “immediately suspended without pay with intent to dismiss pending final criminal case disposition.”

Bridgeton Police Department Robert Smith Anavar


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