WWE Wrestler Rey Mysterio Fails Steroid Test Again

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Rey Mysterio, a professional wrestler with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), has been suspended for 60 days after testing positive for anabolic steroids under the WWE’s Talent Wellness Program. This is the second time that the high-flying Lucha Libre style wrestler, whose real name is Oscar Gutierrez, has been suspended by the WWE for failing a steroid test.

Sports Illustrated first linked Mysterio to anabolic steroids during its investigation of the Signature Compounding Pharmacy steroid scandal in March 2007. The magazine identified several professional athletes and entertainments who had obtained steroids and human growth hormone (hGH) from Signature Pharmacy. Steroids and hGH were acquired by athletes in several drug-tested sports. Several current and former professional wrestlers employed by WWE were named including Mysterio. Mysterio was said to have obtained nandrolone decanoate (aka Deca Durabolin) and stanozolol (aka Winstrol) from the Orland0-based pharmacy.

Ten WWE wrestlers were suspended as a result of the Sports Illustrated expose of Signature Pharmacy and the steroid use by its celebrity clients. Mysterio was not suspended because the WWE concluded that the allegations against Mysterio preceded the launch of the WWE Talent Wellness program in February 2006.

Mysterio first tested positive for a prohibited substance under the Talent Wellness program in August 2009. The WWE suspended him for 30 days for a first-time violation of the comprehensive drug testing program.

Mysterio claimed that he was prescribed painkillers to treat injuries to his knee and arm. While the Talent Wellness Program has a policy for its talent to obtain therapeutic use exemptions for prescription medications, Mysterio did not submit the paperwork requesting such an exemption. Mysterio defended himself by saying that he did not have time to provide notice of the recently-obtained prescription due to a family holiday and company promotion in Europe.

Mysterio, while currently on the WWE payroll, has been sidelined with injuries and was not expected to return until May 2012. The 60 days suspension means that the earliest comeback for Mysterio will occur in June 2012.



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