Man Who Laundered Steroid Sales for Stays Out of Jail

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The man who laundered money for the steroid sources at has avoided jail time. Gary Bracci pleaded guilty to laundering over $600,000 generated from the sale of anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and other prescription-only medications used by bodybuilders.

Bracci established payments facilities on behalf of the owners of He also laundered the steroid-related revenue through his own personal bank account.

Bracci was fortunate to escape jail time. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail but the sentence was suspended for two years. He was also order to pay a £10,000 and serve 300 hours unpaid work. If he stays out of trouble and satisfies all conditions of his sentence, he will avoid jail.

The owner and ringleader of was not so lucky. Nicholas Boyspleaded guilty to “conspiracy to supply class C drugs and prescription only drugs” and the “[production of] anabolic steroids and unauthorised use of a trademark.” The second charge was likely related to the use of the “Deca Durabolin” trademark used to market one of the UGL products sold on his website. He was sentenced to fifteen months in jail.

The steroid bust is the result of an investigation by the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The crackdown on resulted in the seizure of over 26,000 tablets of steroids and other prescription drugs as well as steroid paraphernalia and laboratory equipement.

The laboratory equipment was linked to the underground lab (UGL) known as “Medi Pharma”. MHRA tested various samples with the Medi Pharma label and found them to contain “unpredictable quantities” of the ingredients listed on the label. also operated and/or was accessible by several other domain names including, and Mass may have been busted after trying to “piggyback” off the success of another steroid-related site whose owner was recently busted.

Steve Cobersmith of was busted for illegally selling steroids on his website. After the bust, promoted itself as the successor to A notice on the homepage informed visitors that “ is now”.

Not surprisingly, and Medi Pharma only remained in business for 15-18 months before law enforcement came knocking.


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