StayMassive.com Ringleader Goes to Jail for Selling Steroids

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Nicholas Boys was busted for selling anabolic steroids to customers around the world via websites that included StayMassive.com, AnabolicSteroidsOnline.com and MassFarmer.net. Bodybuilders Eric Rudanec and Mark Rossen helped Boys in the illicit steroid operation. Boys, Rudanec and Rossen all pleaded guilty to “conspiracy to supply class C drugs and prescription only drugs.” In addition, Boys pleaded guilty to “admitted producing anabolic steroids and unauthorised use of a trademark.” Boys was sentenced to a fifteen-month jail term while Rudanec and Rossen were given a six-month suspended sentence.

StayMassive.com only managed to stay in business for 15-18 months. Police identified Boys as the ringleader of the steroid enterprise. They raided Boys’ home and seized £211,533 worth of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

Rossen allegedly tried to use his company, Rapid Car Cleaning Supplies, to establish credit card payment services for the steroid websites; investigators claimed Rossen had planned to move into steroid production as well.

Meanwhile, Rudanec had the responsibility of packaging and shipping steroid orders to customers and receiving payments via Western Union. While Rudanec was in possession of another £90,000 worth of steroids, he only made a small amount from his role in the operation. According to his defense attorney, he pocketed approximately £250 a week.

Boys arrest comes as no surprise. Boys made the risky decision of trying to piggy-back off the success of another internet steroid website whose owner was busted. Boys linked StayMassive.com to a website under investigation by law enforcement called SLCHealth-Fitness.com.

The owner of SLC, Steve Cobersmith, had been charged with illegally selling steroids on his website. Steve Corbersmith pleaded guilty to selling steroids and generic sildenafil (Viagra) on SLCHealth-Fitness.com

But three weeks before Corbersmith pleaded guilty, a notice on StayMassive.com stated “SLCHealth-Fitness.com is now StayMassive.com”.

The move almost guaranteed that StayMassive.com would be under investigation by law enforcement officials.


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