Steroid Addiction Led to Corruption Says Former Cop

A former detective with the West Chester Police Department failed to convince a judge that his corruption was the result of an addiction to anabolic steroids. David Busemeyer was sentenced to six months in jail for tipping of a drug dealer to the identity of an undercover informant. Busemeyer had pleaded guilty to attempted tampering with evidence and obstructing official business. [Read more…]


Half-Million Dollar Steroid Bust in Tennessee

A Tennessee man has been arrested after a stash of anabolic steroids was seized from a local storage unit. Leslie Parker, Jr. was implicated as a major steroid dealer distributing product to mid-level dealers around the country. Police were quick to characterize the steroid bust as an “international drug smuggling operation” that was “one of the largest steroid confiscations in department history.” [Read more…]


Bridgeton Police Officer Arrested with Dangerous Steroid Anavar

A Bridgeton police officer was arrested after authorities learned that he was involved with a dangerous controlled substance. The Bridgeton Police Department (BPD) and Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office arrested Robert Smith on the very same day they obtained information pertaining to Smith’s involvement with dangerous drugs. [Read more…]


Seal Beach Jail Guard Busted with Anabolic Steroids at Work

A detention officer at the Seal Beach Jail has been arrested on anabolic steroid and bribery charges. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office charged Jose Alday with felony count of an officer receiving bribes, felony possession for sale of a controlled substance (anabolic steroids) and misdemeanor possession of controlled substance paraphernalia (used methamphetamine pipe). [Read more…]


Steroid-Using Cops Lack Credibility Says Defense Attorney

Defense Attorney Colette Gulley has questioned the credibility of four Scottsboro police officers who were suspended for using anabolic steroids. Gulley believes the illegal use of steroids by police officers makes their testimony less credible particularly in drug cases. [Read more…]


Norfolk Police Officer Admits Selling Steroids at One Life Fitness

Norfolk Police Officer Kristen Wayne Harris pleaded guilty last week to two felony counts of posession and distribution of anabolic steroids. He admitted to selling steroids, syringes and marijuana to an undercover police officer outside of the One Life Fitness gym in Virginia Beach. [Read more…]


Alabama Police Officers Suspended for Anabolic Steroid Testosterone

Four officers with the Scottsboro Police Department in Alabama were suspended without pay for their use of the anabolic steroid testosterone. The Scottsboro police chief and mayor initially refused to identify the officers or disclose the reasons for their suspensions citing it was an internal matter. Less than a week later, the internal matter became a matter of public record when one of the suspended officers admitting using steroids during open court in a divorce hearing. [Read more…]


Steroid Conviction Gets Four Year Suspension for British Shot-Putter

British shot-putter Carl Fletcher was suspended from competition for four years by the United Kingdom Anti-Doping (UKAD) after being convicted of trafficking anabolic steroids. Fletcher pleaded guilty to supplying 16 different types of performance-enhancing drugs including human growth hormone (hGH) and the anabolic steroids testosterone and Trenbolone. Steroids are categorized as a Class C drug in the United Kingdom. Fletcher was sentenced to nine months in prison by the Liverpool Crown Court. [Read more…]


Family Steroid Business Gets Police Detective in Trouble

Merseyside Police Detective Paul David Fletcher recently pleaded guilty to six counts involving conspiracy to supply anabolic steroids. Several members of the Fletcher family were also involved in the steroid dealing business. His son Paul Michael Fletcher pleaded guilty to six steroid charges. His nephew shot-putter Carl Fletcher had previously pleaded guilty to possession of steroids with intent to supply back in March 2011. [Read more…]


British Police Officer Found Not Guilty on Steroid and Sexual Assault Charges

The West Yorkshire Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has decided to drop its case against police officer Mark Carter on charges related to the possession of anabolic steroids. Carter was expected to face trial later this year on the steroid charges. [Read more…]