NPC Ohio Bodybuilding Champion Busted for Selling Steroids

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The winner of the 2009 NPC Ohio State Bodybuilding Championship has been been indicted by a Warren County grand jury for trafficking anabolic steroids. NPC bodybuilder Drew Smith was charged with thirteen felony counts of drug trafficking (steroids) in various degrees and one first degree felony count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell has been trying to characterize Smith as a bodybuilder who promoted himself as a natural bodybuilding champion while secretly using large amounts of anabolic steroids. A Muscleology advertising campaign marketed its products as Smith’s “secret weapon.” But such a characterization may be misleading if not inaccurate.

“He would say take these nutritional supplements and you’ll look like me, Mr. Ohio,” said Fornshell. “But in addition to these supplements he was taking, we have reason to believe that he was also taking some pretty powerful steroids to attain his muscle mass.”

The Middletown Journal newspaper erroneously reported that Smith won the “Mr. Ohio” title when he placed first in the 2009 NPC Natural Ohio bodybuilding competition promoted by Dave Lieberman. Smith did not compete in that contest. As we report, he won the 2009 NPC Ohio State contest which is not a steroid-tested competition.

Five years ago, Smith won the overall title at the steroid-tested 2007 NPC Monster Mash bodybuilding competition before he was disqualified for failing the drug test. However, Smith has since won several non-tested competitions. It is generally accepted that all competitors are using some form of performance-enhancing drug at non-tested bodybuilding contests.

Smith took first place at the 2009 NPC Mike Francois Classic and 2009 NPC Great Lakes Grand Prix. He recently placed third and seventh at the 2011 NPC Europa Super Show and the 2011 NPC North American Championships.

Smith was the victim of the two-year investigation by the Warren County Drug Task Force codenamed “Operation Bulk Up.” The investigation revolved around distribution at the Countrywide YMCA and resulted in the arrests of over two dozen individuals in November 2011. Smith was not one of the co-defendants in the initial investigation. However, his name came up during the course of the investigation.

After the results of the multi-state “Operation Bulk Up” investigation were publicly announced in November, investigators decided to monitor Smith’s activity. The Warren County Drug Task Force set up controlled purchases of steroids from Smith.

Smith has been accused of selling anabolic steroids on multiple occasions between November 15, 2011 through January 2012. Prosecutors claim that the majority of his income was derived from selling steroids.


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